Commuter Tax Benefits: Bulk Upload Tips

For SunRail Riders

  1. Card Registration: SunCards must be registered. Please register your SunCard at
  2. Upload Date: Bulk uploads take place between the 20th and the 25th of the month for the following 30 day period.
  3. Monthly Pass:
    • Period Start Date: The 30-day period begins once the pass is activated.
      (Cards are activated when tapped on at a station Ticket Validator).
    • Period Length: Monthly passes run for 30 consecutive calendar days.
    • First of the Month: Monthly passes will NOT start on the first of the month, unless the first is when the SunCard holder activates the pass by tapping on.
  4. Products: SunCards may hold a monthly pass and prepaid value at the same time. We suggest all monthly pass holders load at least $10.00 of prepaid value onto their SunCard as a backup if their pass expires before a new pass is loaded.
  5. Tapping On: When you tap on, the system will automatically recognize a valid monthly/annual pass first. If the pass has expired, the system will use prepaid value.
  6. Valid SunCards: SunCards must have a positive balance and active status.
  7. Hotlisted Cards: Hotlisted SunCards are cards that have been temporarily deactivated for not tapping on/off or have an outstanding negative balance. SunCards that are hotlisted or carry a negative balance will NOT process the upload.
    (We have seen failed uploads for as little as a negative balance of 40 cents!). Back to top

Tips for Keeping Your SunCard Active

  • Check your SunCard balance between the 20th to 25th of each month at or at a station Ticket Vending Machine.
  • When using Prepaid Value, please estimate the cost of your planned travel, and ensure your SunCard is loaded with enough value to complete your trip. You may use SunRail’s Trip Planner to assist in estimating fare costs.
  • Ambassadors are available at certain times on the platforms if you need assistance. There is also a Passenger Access Telephone (PAT) at every station. This is a free, direct call to our customer service center. Back to top