Rules of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All passengers and persons entering SunRail transportation facilities or vehicles are required to abide by this Code of Conduct. Back to top

1. Pay Your Fare

Valid fare is required on a SunRail vehicle. Passengers will be directed to exit the vehicle if proper fare is not paid and validated prior to boarding. Passengers must scan their card at the station platform ticket validator after exiting the train at their final destination. Back to top

2. Park It

Overnight parking is permitted in SunRail parking lots for passengers accessing Orlando area airports. FDOT does not assume responsibility for damage to, or loss of, property occurring within these parking lots at any time. Persons leaving their vehicles do so at their own risk. Back to top

3. Clothing Required

All passengers over 2 years of age must wear shoes. All passengers must wear clothing sufficient to cover their upper torso to mid thigh area. Any form of lewdness or indecent exposure as provided in Chapter 800, Florida Statutes, will result in immediate removal from SunRail trains and facilities in addition to possible criminal charges. Back to top

4. No Vandalism

No person shall vandalize a SunRail vehicle or FDOT property by writing, marking, scribbling, defacing or causing destruction to the vehicle or property in any manner. This includes the posting of a sign, poster, notice, advertisement, or other printed materials in or on any facilities unless given written permission by FDOT management. Back to top

5. Keep Trains Running on Time

Interference with the operation of a SunRail vehicle is not permitted at any time. Boarding passengers should allow others to exit the train first by standing to the side of the doors before entering the train. Back to top

6. No Solicitation

Soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited without the written permission of FDOT management. Written permission from FDOT management also must be obtained to conduct protests and other First Amendment activities on SunRail vehicles and FDOT property. Back to top

7. Do Not Disturb

No person shall engage in disruptive, disturbing behavior, including loud conversation, profanity, or operating any electronic device used for sound without an earphone(s). Congregating or loitering on FDOT property in a way that causes an inconvenience to other riders is not allowed. Back to top

8. Do Not Interfere with Security Measures

No person may interfere with or attempt to circumvent or compromise security measures approved by SunRail for implementation at CFRC facilities or on SunRail vehicles. Back to top

9. Keep Your Cool

Physical violence, intimidation, and/or harassment of other passengers or SunRail personnel are prohibited. These types of behavior shall be reported immediately to the Conductor. Back to top

10. Take a Stand

Priority seating is reserved for seniors and people with disabilities. Able-bodied persons sitting in priority seating may be directed to move by the Conductor or other SunRail personnel. Back to top

11. Food and Drink

No food or open food containers are allowed on SunRail vehicles. Passengers may bring non-alcoholic drinks onboard, but drink containers should be closed to prevent spills. Back to top

12. Keep it Clean

Dispose of trash in the proper waste receptacles. Spitting, urinating or defecating is prohibited other than in restroom facilities provided on board SunRail trains. Back to top

13. No Smoking

Smoking, or the use of tobacco products, is NOT allowed on SunRail vehicles or at SunRail facilities, including station platforms. Back to top

14. No Illegal Drugs/Alcohol

Consumption of controlled substances or alcoholic beverages, or the carrying of open containers of alcoholic beverages, is not allowed on board SunRail trains, at SunRail stations and on FDOT property. Back to top

15. No Explosives/Flammable Materials

Possession of explosives, incendiaries, or flammable materials is prohibited on FDOT property and on SunRail vehicles, including gas-powered vehicles such as mini-bikes, lawnmowers, etc. Back to top

16. Share the Space

Do not occupy more than one seat, keep feet on the floor, and avoid blocking aisles or doors. Place luggage, strollers and bicycles in designated areas only. Back to top

17. Be Safe

Avoid restricted areas and activities that would constitute a danger to you or to other passengers. This includes throwing or extending objects through a door or window of a SunRail vehicle. Back to top

18. Be Careful

Look both ways for trains before using pedestrian crossing, only cross at designated pedestrian crossing, and obey all crossing gates, bells and lights. Do not cross the tracks when warning systems are activated, and never run for a train. Back to top

19. Alternative Transportation

Bicycles, skateboards, unpowered scooters, personal transporters, skates or roller blades must be carried and under control at all times on SunRail trains and FDOT property. Back to top

20. Pets on Board

Unless you have a service animal, your pets must be kept in an enclosed container. Keep carriers out of the aisles and off seats. Back to top

21. Children

Children under age 6 must be accompanied by a fare paying adult or guardian 18 year of age or older. FDOT does not accept any responsibility for any unaccompanied minor. Back to top


Persons who violate the Code of Conduct are subject to penalties, including fines,
suspension of services, and arrest. A range of penalties may be used to address non-compliance with the Code of Conduct. Non-compliance with the Code of Conduct may include one or any combination of the following:

1. A person who violates one or more of these regulations

may be warned and/or ordered to leave the SunRail vehicle, SunRail facility or FDOT property immediately by a law enforcement officer, SunRail Conductor, or other SunRail personnel. Back to top

2. Passengers who do not pay a valid fare

are subject to warnings, citations and removal from SunRail trains and facilities. The fine for each fare violation is $50. Back to top

3. If a passenger is ordered to leave the SunRail vehicle,…

SunRail facility or FDOT property, the passenger is suspended from riding privileges on any SunRail vehicle and from use of any SunRail passenger facilities for the remainder of the day. Anytime a passenger is asked to exit a SunRail vehicle, their fare is forfeited. If a suspended passenger is seen on another SunRail vehicle or at a SunRail facility during the suspension period, the passenger may be charged with trespassing and law enforcement will be contacted. Back to top

4. This section does not seek to limit or conflict with any federal, state, or local law or ordinance;

or to prevent any law enforcement agency or entity from taking any lawful action against any
person on a SunRail vehicle, SunRail facility, or FDOT property. Back to top


This Code of Conduct is available online at SunRail’s website, and is posted at all SunRail stations. Hard copies are available without charge at SunRail’s main office at 801 SunRail Drive, Sanford, FL. 32771.

Effective April 1, 2014.

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