About SunRail Trains

Masthead image - child passenger aboard SunRail train, sitting in a seat with arms on table.

Enjoy the Advantages

Save Money

Less gas, less maintenance, and lower insurance premiums keeps your money in your pocket.

Avoid Congestion

With scheduled commute times, you can avoid delays and safely arrive at your destination.

Commute Safely

Onboard security, improved tracks, and an advanced control system ensure safe travel.

Empty SunRail train interior.

Onboard Amenities

Free Wi-Fi

SunRail offers unlimited Wi-Fi on all passenger trains for a seamless digital experience.  

Power Outlets

Standard 110-volt electrical power outlets available to supply power for electronic devices.  

Comfortable Seating

Wide and comfortable seats with plenty of leg room make SunRail a cushy ride for everyone.

Luggage Storage

Lower-level train car seats flip up to provide passengers with additional luggage storage.  

Bike Storage

Lower-level train cars offer cyclists designated areas to secure their bicycles.  

Onboard Restrooms

Clean & accessible restrooms include grab bars, mirrors and sinks with lever-operated faucets.  

Service dog riding SunRail.

Onboard Accessibility

Mini-High Platforms

Each station has mini-high platform ramps to make boarding easy. 

Wheelchair Lifts

All trains are equipped with 30” wide x 48” long wheelchair lifts.

Flip-Up Seats

Flip-up seats accommodate passengers who use wheelchairs and/or motorized scooters.


Accessible restrooms include grab bars, mirrors, and sinks with lever-operated faucets. 

Service Animals

Service animals, aiding individuals with disabilities, are welcome onboard trains.

Safety is at the Heart

MotivePower® is Safety Excellence

SunRail is powered by the MPXpress® diesel-electric commuter locomotive, designed by MotivePower, to enhance the performance and reliability of the SunRail passenger system.

  • Start With Safety – MotivePower engineers worked closely with operating and maintenance crews to design a safe, comfortable, and user-friendly SunRail cab with high-visibility windows and an ergonomically designed control console.
  • Unsurpassed Strength – The structural design of the MPXpress® meets the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) crashworthiness standards for crew safety and exceeds current Federal Railroad Administration requirements.
  • Reduced Emissions – The MPXpress® is the cleanest diesel-electric commuter locomotive available today and meets existing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 2 emission standards.
SunRail train crossing Colonial Drive.

Positive Train Control

Positive Train Control (PTC) is a federally mandated safety system that monitors and controls train movement, ensuring effective communication among freight companies, Amtrak, and SunRail sharing the same tracks. This safeguard measures safe speeds through work areas, providing crucial protection for individuals working on the tracks.

PTC minimizes human error during normal travel by automatically adjusting a train’s speed, halting it if there’s a high-speed concern or another train on the same track, ensuring safe travel based on predetermined factors and real-time updates on other integrated trains.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The GPS system consistently monitors the location of SunRail trains along the rail corridor and relays these coordinates to the PTC aboard each train.

On Board Positive Train Control (PTC) System

Each SunRail train is equipped with onboard Positive Train Control (PTC), tasked with transmitting both train location and speed data to the Radio Communication Network.

Radio Communications Network

The Radio Communications Network functions as the central hub, facilitating the connection and transmission exchange among On-Board PTC Systems, Communication Servers, and Trackside Interfaces.

Communications Server & Dispatch Control

Communication Servers gather and organize data from every SunRail train, enabling Dispatch Control to monitor the information and communicate with both the train crew and track workers.

Trackside Interface

Trackside interfaces, akin to traffic lights designed for trains, are tasked with monitoring ALL train traffic, including SunRail, CSX, and Amtrak.