Train to Plane

Masthead image - LYNX Link 111 bus parked at Sand Lake Road station.

How To

SunRail and LYNX create a hassle-free connection to Orlando International Airport.

1. Download App

Download the convenient SunRail and LYNX  mobile apps to plan your trip.

2. Purchase Your SunCard/Ticket

Arrive at SunRail and purchase your SunCard or ticket. Tap your SunCard/ticket at a ticket validator unit and enjoy a ride to the Sand Lake Road Station.

3. Transfer From SunRail

Board any of three LYNX buses for a quick connection to OIA.

  • LYNX 311: express travel to OIA every 30 minutes during morning and afternoon rush hours then every hour.
  • LYNX 11: earliest service beginning at 4:29 am and connecting with LYNX Central Station and Orange Avenue.
  • LYNX 42: service every 30 minutes with other key local stops to Orlando International Airport.

Show your valid SunRail Train ticket for a free LYNX transfer to Orlando International Airport.

Man with suitcase on platform waiting for SunRail Train.
Two men riding SunRail with luggage.

Cost & Schedule

SunRail fares start at $2, which includes a free transfer onto LYNX within the same county. For each additional county you travel through, add $1 to your fare.

At a Glance Schedule

Peak Hours:
Trains operate Monday – Friday
Every half-hour between:
Morning Service: 6:03 am – 9:03 am
Evening Service: 4:03 pm – 6:33 pm

Non-Peak Hours:
Trains operate Monday – Friday
Every hour between:
Mid-day Service: 10:03 pm2:33 pm
Nighttime Service: 8:03 pm9:18 pm