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SunRail App - Train Status Screen
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Know Before You Go With
Train Status

Enjoy immediate train updates. SunRail Train Status and Service Advisory Notices provide you with crucial information before you even head out the door.

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Get Predictable Travel With
Trip Planner

The power of knowing your travel time is immeasurable. Simply input the departure and arrival stations, and receive reliable travel times, durations, and distances.

SunRail App - Trip Planner Screen
SunRail App - System Map Screen
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You’re Always Nearby With
Station Map

From station locations and points of interest, to train locations and times, it’s much more than a map. It’s the SunRail system in the palm of your hand.

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View Your Station Times With
Train Schedule

View your specific trains and schedules with less maneuvering. Select your departure and arrival station for the times that matter to you.

SunRail App - Train Schedule Screen

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