Kissimmee Freebee

Masthead image - Freebee vehicle parked at Kissimmee/Amtrak station.

How To

For SunRail riders seeking convenient mobility, this streamlined on-demand car service is available from the Kissimmee Station Monday – Friday between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm.  

Plan Your Trip

Check the SunRail and Kissimmee Freebee schedules to seamlessly connect your routes and align with your travel plans.  

Purchase Your Ticket/SunCard

Purchase your SunRail tickets in advance through the SunRail website, app, or at the station’s Ticket Vending Machines. Tap on and enjoy the ride.

Download the Freebee App

Request your ride to seamlessly connect you to various station destinations. Explore local restaurants, shops, and more effortlessly with Freebee’s eco-friendly rides.  

SunRail Train at Kissimmee Station with riders waiting to board.