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SunCard Prepaid Value

SunCard Prepaid Value allows you to reload your card on your schedule to meet the frequency of your commute.

For individuals who use SunRail less frequently and enjoy the benefits of owning a SunCard, prepaid value stands out as an excellent option. 

Riders receive an additional 10% bonus value upon loading their card with prepaid value. 

Rider Discounts

  • Youth Rider (Ages 7-18)* – 50% Discount 
  • Senior Rider (Ages 65+)* – 50% Discount 
  • Disabled Rider – 50% Discount 
  • Children 6 and under ** – FREE 
Prepaid Value Purchase10% Bonus ValueStored Value

SunCard Travel Passes


1-County/Zone: $17.00

2-County/Zone: $25.00

3-County/Zone: $34.00

4-County/Zone: $42.50


1-County/Zone: $56.00

2-County/Zone: $84.00

3-County/Zone: $112.00

4-County/Zone: $140.00


1-County/Zone: $560.00

2-County/Zone: $840.00

3-County/Zone: $1,120.00

4-County/Zone: $1,400.00

Balance Protection

SunCard Balance Protection ensures peace of mind for riders in case of lost, stolen, or damaged cards. SunCards purchased online are automatically set up, while those acquired from a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) require online registration by the riders. 

Woman and children walking beside SunRail train on Longwood Station Platform.
Woman pulling a Blue SunCard out of a TVM.

Where To Buy

Riders can buy their SunCard from a TVM located at all 16 SunRail stations. TVMs accept cash, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets (e.g. Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay®, etc.), ensuring convenient purchase and management of your SunCards. All TVMs are ADA accessible. 

Using & Managing Your SunCard

Whether online or using the SunRail App, managing your SunCard is simple. Using it? Well, that’s even easier.

Boarding the Train

  1. Locate a ticket validator unit on the station platform.
  1. “Tap On” by holding the ticket close to the validator screen.
  1. The screen will prompt you when it has accepted the ticket. 
  1. Keep your ticket for when you exit the train.

Arrival At Station 

  1. Locate a ticket validating unit on the station platform.
  1. “Tap Off” by holding the ticket close to the validator screen.
  1. The screen will prompt you when it has accepted the ticket.
  1. Keep your ticket if you are in the middle of a round trip. 

Managing Your Card 

SunCard holders may check their balance and reload their SunCards at any of the ticket vending machines or online 24/7 at

Young woman riding SunRail looking at phone and working in day planner.
People boarding LYNX bus after riding SunRail.

Train/Bus Transfers

LYNX/Votran to SunRail

  • Enter the SunRail Station using pedestrian entrance signs. 
  • Locate a TVM and touch the TVM screen.
  • Select either LYNX or Votran Transfer from the screen. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. 

SunRail to LYNX/Votran 

  • Exit the SunRail Station using the pedestrian exit signs. 
  • Present your SunRail ticket or SunCard to the LYNX/Votran bus driver.