Upcoming SunRail Fare Enforcement Day – Thursday, Oct. 24

Sanford, Fla – SunRail is announcing Thursday, Oct. 24 as a fare enforcement day. Extra staff will be positioned at various station platforms throughout the day checking that customers have valid fare, in either paper ticket or SunCard media format. The effort will also focus on customers tapping on and off every time.

SunRail’s goal is to have customers pay the correct amount of fare each time, as well as develop good rider habits of tapping on and off. On Oct. 4, increased hot-list enforcement began, which flagged customers who were not tapping off, or were not paying the proper fare. Those customers were instructed to contact SunRail customer service to resolve issues with their hot-listed accounts. That effort is continuing. The next step is max fare, which is scheduled to be enabled in November. Under max fare, if customers don’t tap off, it will result in the full one-way fare being charged, which is $5.00 one way.

SunRail also wishes to thank its customers who already do the right thing every day; by tapping on and off and by carrying the proper fare amounts.

Please be careful around trains, railroad crossings, and while at station platforms. Let’s Go for Zero Distractions/Collisions/Trespassers.

For more information about SunRail, including fares, schedule and station locations, please visit www.stage.sunrail.com or download the new SunRail app.


Fare Enforcement Day