Train Safety Awareness Week It’s More Than Just A Week. It’s Every Day

Orlando – Your safety around trains, every day, highlights this week as Central Florida and the SunRail team observes Train Safety Awareness Week, September 24 through September 30, 2017. SunRail is teaming up with Operation Lifesaver, local municipalities and law enforcement throughout the community to plan and promote events centered on rail safety education and enforcement during this week.

2017 SunRail Train Safety Awareness Week Outreach includes:

  • Billboards
  • Education and enforcement at grade crossings
  • Social Media, E-newsletters and community websites
  • Rock the Rails song contest
  • Outreach to bus drivers and commercial drivers
  • Safety literature and giveaways at stations and onboard trains
  • Informational handouts to pedestrians near grade crossings and along the corridor

In addition to continuing our efforts, we need drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists to be careful around trains, obey crossing signals and don’t linger at railroad crossings, don’t trespass on train tracks and cross only in designated areas. Please be mindful that trains can come anytime, from either direction. Also avoid distractions such as cell phones, earbuds and tablets and always stay alert.

Remember, your safety around trains and train tracks is not just for one week. It’s every day, all the time. Be smart. Be safe. Always.