SunRail Running A Later Southbound Train Tonight – Experimental Train To Check Out Logistics

Orlando – The SunRail team and Bombardier—SunRail’s operations and maintenance contractor—is conducting an experimental run of later train tonight heading southbound from Church Street Station. The decision was made late in the day to try this, to observe how this works out logistically. The late train tonight coincides with the Orlando Magic game against the Sacramento Kings at the Amway Center. If passengers—attending the game or staying downtown late—wish to take the southbound train home tonight, they should make their way to the southbound platform at Church Street Station, where the train leaves for points south at 10:30 p.m.

Ridership following the launch of SunRail’s southern expansion the end of July has jumped as southern customers have gotten aboard. SunRail is exploring whether there is demand for later service on the southern route on select event nights during the week. On the northbound route, the last train normally leaves Church Street at 10:30 p.m. The SunRail team wants to evaluate how a second train, leaving from the southern platform at the same time, performs. Again, tonight’s southern run was a late in the day decision to check logistics and workability. Regular fares apply. SunRail is working with Bombardier to explore other opportunities for special service.

Please be careful around trains, railroad crossings, and while at station platforms. Be smart. Be safe. For more information about SunRail, including fares, schedule and station locations, please visit